Working on a computer in 2019 for the most part means using your browser to accomplish all sorts of tasks, like shopping, online banking, accounting and more. What if we showd you that  some of the things you do could easily be accomplished with shortcuts? it may very well be some things that are time consuming and annoying.

Ready for some browsing tips in Chrome?
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Look back, that was a tip!

Take a look at the below list of shortcuts:

Most of these shortcuts should work in Internet Explorer as well. Try at your own risk.

Refresh the page you’re onF5
Refresh the page you’re on & Clear site’s cacheCtrl + F5
Goto the next button on the pageTab
Go to the previous button on the pageShift+Tab
Submit a form or search etc.Enter
Enter / Exit Full screen modeF11
Zoom inCtrl and +
Zoom outCtrl and –
Zoom to %100Ctrl+0
Scroll down a webpageSpace or PgDn
Scroll up a webpageShift+Space or PgUp
Go to the top of the webpageHome
Go to the bottom of the webpageEnd
Open the Home pageAlt+Home