Ransomware delivered through open Remote Desktop:

Most businesses assume they are not big enough to be targeted by hackers. How would a hacker even find their digital footprint?
Since the vast majority of ransomware attacks exploit Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), the answer is clear:it does not matter how large or small your company is, if you still have RDP exposed to the internet without securing it properly even for a short period of time, you are actively being targeted.

If you are not using VPN, then it is only a matter of time before the resilience of your backups is tested by a ransomware attack that encrypts your entire network.  You need secure VPN access with 2FA to protect internal systems and have an effective business grade antivirus and solid backups. Without these, you’re playing Russian roulette with ransomware.

Recently we’ve seen an increasing number of attempts to attacks, that without the proper protection and monitoring, would have resulted in a breach.

At Positive, we are always on top of current cyber security trends,  and constantly adopt strong, resilient, and effective business continuity strategies.

If you are not yet on our “Business Continuity Plan” now is the time to act! Reach out to us to learn more.