Having your email account hacked is your worst nightmare. Hackers have become very sophisticated and smarter than ever before. They will copy your address book, get your personal information including credit cards etc., they’ll send money requests on your behalf, and they will even blackmail you. Fortunately, there’s Multi-factor Authentication, or MFA in short, AKA 2-step verification. Multi-factor Authentication is the best thing to happen to passwords since passwords. When attempting to log in from an unrecognized device, the user will be prompted to enter secondary one-time code they’ll get on their phone. Assuming the hacker has no access to your phone, there’s no way they can get into your account.  

If you have a Google accountclick here to setup 2-step verification. For a Microsoft account click here. If you’re in a domain environment and this option is not available to you, contact our helpdesk for further assistance.