Windows 7 – Server 2008 EOL (End of Life) If you have Windows 7 computers, they’re at risk of being killed in January. Beginning January 2020, Windows will stop updating Windows 7. As we’ve previously discussed, this is called the End Of Life for the OS. Any bug fixes or security patches that Microsoft rolls out will only be applicable to Windows 10, and will not help any Windows 7 computers   WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR ME? Your computer will be able to boot normally the day after support ends. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even notice something changed. However, just because you can still keep on as normal doesn’t mean you should.
To recap our previous discussion, keeping your computer safe will mean upgrading from Windows 7 to a newer OS. If you don’t, you not only run the risk of being infected by malware or ransomware. Your existing firewalls and end-point protection will no longer be effective since published security patches will not be rolled out to your device, leaving gaping holes for black-hat hackers. You will also be in violation of HIPPA, GDPR, NYCRR 500 and any other regulating authority you may be under. If you do business within the healthcare sphere, financial industry or any field with sensitive data, or do business in Europe, California, your existing operating system will no longer be compliant. Should any breach occur and personal data leaked it will be considered negligent by any court of law or regulating authority. Some newer external devices like keyboards and printers won’t be compatible with Windows 7, and some software may be impacted as well. Upgrade now to prevent these problems!