Are you using Google Chrome on a daily basis? Who doesn’t, right?

So here are a few tips to make things easier for you. In this newsletter we’ll focus on moving between tabs etc.

Open a new tabCtrl+T
Close a tabCtrl+W
Move to the next open tabCtrl+Tab
Go the previous tabCtrl+Shift+Tab
Reopen last closed tabCtrl+Shift+T
Go back to the previous pageCtrl+left arrow
Go forward to the next pageCtrl+right arrow
Close ChromeAlt+F4

Bonus tip:

Chrome has its own “task manager” to kill unresponsive pages (or for those stubborn pop-up pages prompting you to call “support” and just won’t close): press Shift+Esc, select the frozen tab, and click “end process”. The offending tab will close, while letting you continue your work on other tabs. Now you wish you knew that before, don’t you?